DR. AZREE SHAHREL BIN AHMAD NAZRI President of Artificial Intelligence Malaysia

Dr. Azree Nazri is a Senior Lecturer at FSKTM, UPM and the creator of TANJAK, a tool that measures human level intelligence in a machine. TANJAK is used by government agencies to filter AI-claimed products by companies. He is also the creator of Pak Pandir tool to measure human consciousness in a machine using quantum devices. The Pak Pandir tool could be used in many areas include detecting human consciousness in vegetative state patients, human consciousness in human embryo, human consciousness in human head transplantation and human consciousness in human uploaded mind in a machine.

Dr. Azree Nazri did his PhD at Cambridge University in Mathematic before appointed as a fellow at Cambridge under Prof. Stephen Hawking’s mentorship. He did his postdoctoral at Harvard Medical School under Prof. George McDonald Church. He then worked at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in USA.