DANIAL ABDUL RAHMAN Global Head of Team CSI, OpenLearning.com

Danial is currently the Global Head of Team CSI, which stands for Communications and Strategic Initiatives at OpenLearning.com, an Australian education technology firm. Previously, he was a practicing lawyer focusing on constitutional law and human rights, after which he joined Malaysia’s Education and Higher Education Ministry as a media and policy advisor.

Over the last five years, Danial has been a columnist for TheStar, Malaysia’s No.1 English daily, having written over 70 articles on education, technology and society. He has even done interviews with Star R.AGE and Business FM.

Danial is a former national debate champion and has trained policy makers, academicians and students all around the world on public speaking and critical thinking. His recent interests including giving talks about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society and the future. Danial holds an undergraduate law degree from the International Islamic University Malaysia and masters in law from the University of Oxford.