ASSOC. PROF. COL (R) DATO’ DR HUSIN JAZRI Director, Information Security, Asia Pacific University (APU)

Associate Professor Col (R) Dato’ Dr Husin Jazri is currently the Director of Information Security, Asia Pacific University. He is also an Associate Professor for Cybersecurity at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). He is a non-executive Chairman of Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) Malaysia and non executive Chairman of TeleAwan Sdn Bhd. Professor Dato’ Husin is the founder and was the first CEO of Cybersecurity Malaysia Berhad, CEO of iCrypto Berhad, CEO of Datacrypt Consultancy and the Director of the National ICT Security and Emergency Response Centre, MIMOS Berhad. For 17 years, he served the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Defence Malaysia, then acted as the cybersecurity advisor to several Ministries. He architected many strategic projects in cybersecurity in Malaysia.

While in the military service, he designed security requirements for the Strategic Command and Control Systems for the Malaysian Armed Forces, initiated the formation of Army IT Centre and the formation of the Armed Forces Cyber Warfare Division. In Namibia, he helped set up and run cybersecurity programmes under the Namibia University of Science and Technology and awarded the Best Teaching Professor in 2017. In Malaysia, Professor Dato’ Husin helped to set up the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) as a co-founder. He also set up and qualifies Malaysia to be the Producer Member Status of the Common Criteria Mutual Recognition Agreement. He initiated advanced and integrated digital forensics services for CyberSecurity Malaysia, by converging digital data and video analysis together. He introduced CyberSAFE programmes to schools and communities as well as Cyber Clinics for small entrepreneurship programme. He initiated the proposal of the formation of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre for Malaysia, which is now operational under the National Security Council, Malaysia known as NACSA. He also sets up control systems simulation lab for security evaluation and auditing as a service for Critical Infrastructure Organisations in Malaysia.

Professor Dato’ Dr Husin Jazri is a co-founder and the first Chair of APCERT, the founder of OIC-CERT and had provided strategic consultancies in cybersecurity to government and private sectors in Malaysia, Africa and Middle East. He is the recipient of the prestigious Harold Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 by the ISC2.Org for his outstanding works in cybersecurity globally besides other regional and national awards. He has more than 30 years of combined cybersecurity working experience in secure digital communications, information security and cybersecurity and has been a Certified Information System Security Professional since 2002. In formal education, he graduated with BSc in Engineering (Hartford, Connecticut, USA), PostGrad Diploma in System Analysis (UiTM, Malaysia), MSc with Distinction in Information Security (Royal Holloway, Univ of London, UK), MBA from University Putra Malaysia and PhD in Computer Science from the National Defence University of Malaysia.